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I have been fundraising for 20 years and even though it is still in development this tool is long over-due and is brilliant!
Catherine, Bright Ideas Trust
Important. None of the funders on Beehive provide grants for individuals. See our FAQ for more details.

See if you should apply to 100+ charitable funds

Know if you should apply at a glance

Beehive analyses criteria such as funding theme, location, amount sought to generate a personal report card for over a hundred Funds in seconds. Letting you quickly see which charitable Funds are right for you.

Avoid wasted effort

No more time trawling through funding guidance, only to find out you’re ineligible! We’ve gathered all the key Eligibility criteria so you can quickly answer a few questions to see if you’re a good fit.

Fundraising advice backed by data

How much should I apply for? Am I eligible? What type of funding is offered? Questions that are time intensive and costly to answer. That’s why we make high quality, data backed fundraising advice available for free.

Find grant funding relevant to you

We’ve an ever growing number of funders and funding themes ranging from the Arts, to Youth (and everything in between) which you can easily use to narrow your search and find the right funding opportunity.

No more duplication

Ever get tired of answering the same question over, and over again? We do. That’s why we’ve combined combined common eligibility questions. Meaning answering one question can check many funds.

Unlimited access to Funds

When you’ve found a Fund you’re a good fit for, you’ll need to ‘Reveal’ their identity to proceed with your application. You can do this up to 3 times for free, or go Unlimited and have unrestricted access to Funds.

Tailored analysis per funding Proposal

Need funding for different projects - no problem. Go Unlimited on Beehive and you can create as many different funding Proposals as you want, and get results specific to each.

Collaborate with colleagues

Coming soon - Need more people at your organisation to have access to Beehive? Go Unlimited on Beehive and enable colleagues to each create an account linked to your organisations.

The option to click on a few additional questions to rule [funders] in or out was a HUGE bonus for me – it saved me trawling through myriad websites to ascertain whether or not our project was eligible for funding.


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