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Theme report for Food and agriculture #39545 Public

Created for an individual about 1 year ago

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Food by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation #588883

Grants are available to charities and not-for-profit organisations in the UK for projects promoting the important role food plays in wellbeing and that connects people to the food that they eat. Organisations should apply for the amount that they need. There is no maximum grant amount. However, the Foundation makes only a small number of grants in excess of £500,000 and it is unusual for the Foundation to give a grant of this size or larger to an organisation with which it does not already have a relationship. As a guideline, 2014 grants ranged from £6,000 to £1.25 million, although the average was £90,000, with support lasting one to five years.

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The maximum amount you're seeking (£28,000) is more than the maximum awarded (£0)
Only supports local and regional work, and you are seeking international work
Only provides Other and Revenue - Project grant funding, and you are seeking Capital funding
Only supports the following types of recipient: A charitable organisation, A community or voluntary group, A company, An unincorporated association, An unregistered charity, and Another type of organisation; you are seeking support for An individual
apiculturists for melipona (stingless) bees
Create and maintain a healthy all inclusive self-contained apiary.
Support type
Amount sought
Between £24,800 and £28,000
Area of benefit
International - Canada, South Africa, and United States
Animals and wildlife • Education and training • Health and medicine • Medical research • Food and agriculture
An individual
United States