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Theme report for Sport and leisure #39207 Public

Created for an individual 10 months ago

1 opportunity checked

Awards for All Scotland by Big Lottery Fund #587408

A quick and more straightforward way to get small National Lottery grants of between £300 and £10,000

Area: Scotland
Suitable for: Voluntary or community organisations, Public sector organisations
Funding size: £300 to £10,000
Application deadline: Ongoing

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Rating details
The amount sought is within the range of this opportunity
Does not support work in Chelmsford
Provides Capital grant funding
Only supports the following types of recipient: A charitable organisation, A community or voluntary group, A company, An unincorporated association, An unregistered charity, and Another type of organisation; you are seeking support for An individual
Replacement equipment, e.g kayak paddle
I'm hoping to be selected for the European marathon championships this year and require a new set of paddles in order to compete to be able to have the opportunity to be selected and race at the European championships
Support type
Amount sought
Between £375 and £500
Area of benefit
Local - United Kingdom
Sport and leisure • Personal and skills development
An individual
United Kingdom