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Theme report for Heritage and preservation #38314 Public

Created for Bridgend Valleys Railway Co over 1 year ago

1 opportunity checked

Major Grants by Garfield Weston Foundation #582749

For application of £100,000 or more. These are reviewed at one of the Foundation’s eight Board meetings a year and are carefully planned in advance to be fair to all applicants. If you are considering applying for a major grant, please start by sending a one page summary to Grace da Rocha via gdarocha@garfieldweston.org outlining what you are raising funds for, the total cost and fundraising target. We can give you bespoke guidance on whether you are eligible. Please note that if you are applying for £100,000 or more we typically expect your project and/or annual income to be in excess of £1 million. Please do not apply for a major grant through our website.

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The minimum amount you're seeking (£10,000) is less than the minimum awarded (£100,000)
Provides support in the area you're looking for
Provides Revenue - Project grant funding
Provides support to A charitable organisation
Restoration of Shark Brake Van
to restore the chassis of our Shark Brake Van, so that we can use it as a passenger carrying vehicle.
Support type
Revenue - Project
Amount sought
Between £10,000 and £50,000
Area of benefit
Local - United Kingdom
Education and training • Volunteering and civic participation • Heritage and preservation
Bridgend Valleys Railway Co
A charitable organisation - Charitable Company
United Kingdom
Annual income
£10k - £99k
Operating for
4 years or more