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Theme report for Sport and leisure #37757 Public

Created for Gobaith Cymru FC 6 months ago

1 opportunity checked

Awards for All Scotland by Big Lottery Fund #580340

A quick and more straightforward way to get small National Lottery grants of between £300 and £10,000

Area: Scotland
Suitable for: Voluntary or community organisations, Public sector organisations
Funding size: £300 to £10,000
Application deadline: Ongoing

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Rating details
Does not support work in Wales
Only provides Capital and Revenue - Project support, and you are seeking Other support
Provides support to A community or voluntary group
To support transplant survivors partaking in sport
Provide a support group for transplant list patients and survivors, where people can share experiences, advice and help Raise awareness regarding transplants including the importance of the organ donor list Fund raise and campaign for charities which support patients, survivors and their families whether physically, financially or mentally
Support type
Other - To start up and raise awearness
Area of benefit
Local - United Kingdom
Groups • Sport and leisure • Volunteering and civic participation • Disability • Care
Gobaith Cymru FC
A community or voluntary group
United Kingdom
Annual income
Less than £10k
Operating for
Less than 12 months