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Beehive for Funders

This page is aimed at grant-making foundations and other grant funders who may have heard about Beehive or seen that they are included in the tool.

What is Beehive Giving?

Our mission is to give every non-profit the best chance of finding the right funder, and every funder the tools to create the most impact with their funding.

Beehive is a tech for good project being incubated by The Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology, a registered charity (1161998) that works to accelerate the use of technology for social good by working with funders, ventures, and the tech for good sector at large. Any surplus generated by paid-for features of Beehive are reinvested into CAST's other charitable activities.

Where does Beehive Giving data come from?

Beehive's approach is unique. We use data published by funders to the 360Giving standard. This is a data standard which allows funders to publish data about who they fund in a consistent and easy-to-use format.

By publishing to this standard funders are committed to transparency about the organisations they fund, and it's in this spirit of transparency that Beehive uses this data. We don't display or republish the data directly, instead we use it to power a recommendation engine that compares proposals that charities have submitted to our site against projects that have already been funded, and matches those proposals to funders that we

For us to use the data it needs to meet two criteria:

  1. Be valid against the 360Giving data standard. This means that the data is correctly formatted, with the right column headings, date formats, etc.
  2. Be published under a licence that allows us to re-use it: generally this means no restrictions on using the data for commercial purposes (we are a registered charity, but we do charge for some premium features on Beehive).

Our aim at Beehive is to make sure charities with impressive, interesting and impactful ideas can find the right funders to support and nurture those ideas. We want to make sure applicants find appropriate funders, and that funders are receiving applications that meet eligibility criteria and are appropriate for their funding: helping you direct your investments to have the most impact. Our end goal is for the lives of beneficiaries to be improved by connecting funders and applicants.

What other data do you use?

We also need a small amount of information about your fund, in order to display it properly to our users. This includes a title and description of the fund, as well as a series of characteristics relating to eligibility. We want to help applicants see which funds they are eligible for, and make sure they don't see funds that they don't meet the eligibility criteria for.

What else can I get from Beehive Giving?

We're excited about the possibilities that Beehive Giving offers funders. Currently the site gives applicants a chance to input information about a proposal and then check for fund recommendations and eligibility relating to that proposal. But we think there is potential for a lot more than this, including ideas like:

  • Fund analytics
  • Allowing funders to see proposals
  • Customised eligibility checking
  • Administering your own fund information

Get in touch if you're interested in any of these ideas.

Frequently asked questions

My fund isn't on Beehive Giving but I want it to be, what do I do?

Fantastic! The more funders engaging with Beehive giving the better it is for our users and their beneficiaries - more potential funds means we can make sure we're connecting applicants with the most relevant funding.

The first step is to contact us on support@beehivegiving.org. Creating a fund profile on Beehive is straightforward, and we can take you through the steps needed to do it. There are two main requirements:

  • Publishing data about who you fund in line with the 360Giving standard. This is a lot more straightforward than it sounds, and there's lots of support available from 360Giving and us to help you do this.
  • Give us some information about your available funds, in particular what their eligibility criteria are. This helps us make sure that only eligible organisations are shown information about your fund.

I've spotted a mistake in our entry, how do I get it fixed?

Get in touch with us on support@beehivegiving.org. We want to make sure we have high-quality data powering the site so we'll be happy to quickly fix any errors.

I don't want my fund to appear on Beehive Giving, what do I do?

Get in touch with us on support@beehivegiving.org. We can discuss any concerns you have with Beehive and if you still have worries then we'll be happy to remove you from the site.

How can I get in touch with Beehive Giving?

We'd love to hear from you with any comments, questions or concerns you have. We're always working to improve the site and the data we use, and are always open to offers of help or collaboration.

Contact us at support@beehivegiving.org.

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