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Beehive is no longer being maintained, and the information presented here may be out of date.


Does Beehive provide funding advice?

Beehive produces reports that compare the details you provide against the criteria we hold about different opportunities. The rating which are included in reports are there to help you decide which opportunities to apply for and do not constitute a recommendation for support. As such, if you contact us seeking general advice we will be unable to provide it and any such requests will be ignored without response.

Where does Beehive get its information about opportunities?

Beehive uses a combination of published guidelines and open data to create a 'criteria profile' for each opportunity. Moderators manage the profiles of a small number of opportunities and further opportunities can be requested to be added for a small admin fee. If you spot a mistake with any of the opportunities please let support@beehivegiving.org know.

What’s with the name?

Much like the humble honeybee we believe that social sector organisations are essential to healthy and productive communities, and that without them countless communities would be worse off. That’s why we’re committed to developing technology that helps them find the right support for their essential work.