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Beehive is no longer being maintained, and the information presented here may be out of date.

Beehive is a free funding suitability checking tool that uses a funder’s guidelines, priorities and open data to produce a report that helps fund seekers decide where to apply.

More than 90% of users who receive a report avoid funders they are inappropriate for, or adapt their proposal to make it suitable, meaning each year Beehive helps thousands of fund seekers save time and avoid wasted effort.

How it works
  1. Pick the opportunities you’d like a suitability report for.
  2. Complete a quick and personalised survey.
  3. Use your new report to decide which opportunities to pursue.

If you have support to offer or can’t see the opportunities you’re interested in, then visit our add an opportunity page. One of our maintainers will then review the request and send you a no obligation quote for adding the opportunities.

Who’s behind Beehive?

Beehive is an open source tool developed and maintained by CAST. It was originally founded by the foundation of a group of tech companies in 2014 and has been supported by a number of funders such as the Big Lottery Fund, working closely with partners like 360Giving.

A little more...

Through the course of developing Beehive we’ve learned a lot about the challenges faced by funders and fund seekers, as well as what it takes to create a valuable tech for good service. Now that Beehive is maturing we’ve taken some time to reflect on our journey and how digital can be used in charitable funding…

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