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At Beehive we have data at our fingertips which can help you get the most out of a funding application. Something we’ve noticed small charities can struggle with is the amount of funding they should ask for. Usually when looking for funding, you’ll have an amount in mind for how... more

Knowing you're focusing on the right things is hard when developing a product or service - we share a process that makes it easier for us. Suraj Vadgama, Creator of www.beehivegiving.org & Associate @ CAST I spend most of my time working on Beehive. And being part of a... more

David and Suraj the team behind www.beehivegiving.org share findings from their recent user research with charitable funders. Beehive was set up by a charitable foundation that understood the challenges of distributing grants, as well the difficulties faced by applicants seeking their support. Since it’s inception, Beehive - a web based... more

The Cabinet Office recently published data about the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund, a £30m grant funding stream that ran between 2012 and 2014. The fund was aimed at some of the most deprived areas in the country, providing funds to computer David Kane, Data Scientist at Beehive, has analysed... more

This is an analysis of applications received by Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation to the Tech for Good funding stream in 2016/17. The programme seeks to fund projects which use digital technology to address social challenges. It was designed to include a simple first stage application process, which consisted... more

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