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About Beehive Giving

Our mission is to give every non-profit the best chance of finding the right funder, and every funder the tools to create the most impact with their funding.
We’re a tech for good project incubated by a charity

The problem

For fundraisers

Finding and making sense of funding opportunities is time consuming and confusing - it’s difficult to know if you’re eligible or a good fit, let alone how best to tailor your request.

For funders

Funders recieve many more applications than they can support, most of which are ineligible or a poor fit - wasting valuable resources for both the funder and applicant.

Our solution

Beehive is a web based tool that checks and matches your funding proposals with eligible and appropriate funders.


We prevent wasted effort by semi-automatically checking eligibility criteria are met before you apply.


We compare thousands of grants to make it easy to be quickly matched to the right funder.


We surface useful insights based on a funder's giving behaviour to inform your funding proposals.

We use open data and smart technology to bring together valuable information and insights to guide your fundraising in minutes not hours.

The difference we want to make

For fundraisers

Fundraisers no longer submit ineligible or unsuitable applications and have a better understanding of the funders they approach.

For funders

Funders spend less time dealing with unsuitable applications, and have tools to make the most of their funding data.


Beehive is a tech for good project being incubated by CAST; a registered charity (1161998) that works to accelerate the use of technology for social good by working with funders, ventures, and the tech for good sector at large.

Since inception in June 2014, we’ve been kindly supported by or worked with the following great organisations...

and many more...

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